Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Online Marketing Events 2012

Online Marketing Events 2012
A lot of marketing events occurs every year. Some marketing event predictions for the year of 2012 are summarized below:  
  •    The utilization of radio frequency identification (RFID) will be prominent in the year of 2012. At the same time, social sharing may increase at a high rate. Marketers, event attendees are using smartphones & tablet devices in order to share their experiences via various social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc. By the year 2012, the application of radio frequency identification (RFID) will increase significantly because with RFID any computer or smartphones are not needed for making social updates. The cost of RFID is decreasing & at the same time its availability is increasing. As a result, the possibilities of event marketing for RFID enabled sharing are on the rise. Companies can easily make the use of an RDIF strategy in order to setting up an image sharing station. This strategy will increase attendee appointment & also increase event experience among the guests.  
  •  Marketers will get more ways in order to go to mobile. There are at least 5 billion users of mobile phone which means that about three-quarters people of the earth uses mobile phone. As a result the projected mobile application download will reach about 98 billion by the year 2015. For this reason, the year 2012 will bring more & more opportunities for the marketers in order to expand the event programs. Mobile phone event applications can make good attendee experiences. SMS or MMS are currently used to prompt particular events & to send text updates for various events. Conference information, surveys & polling, enhanced website networking etc. can also bring huge payoffs.
  • Newer & newer video advertising opportunities can be emerged. It is possible to create a huge impact on online marketing through the power of video.  About 200 million internet users watched video contents through internet in the month of August, 2011. In this month users watched online video for about 18 hours per person at an average calculation. Although event marketers & tradeshow have begun to embrace the strength of the online video, the year 2012 will create a new opportunity for them. The online marketers can easily extend their events & can bring the story of their life to a large number of audiences using the powerful video streaming. For instance, it is possible to bring distant product experts into panel conversation through live video saving the cost & time.
  •  Online marketing activities can be increased. In recent times, companies pay more attention to the charitable & social causes. Some companies also have foundations for various philanthropic events related with products. For example, Ben & Jerry was the committed company for fair trade & first used fair trade in its own ice cream. It is believed that online marketers will introduce more & more cause-related activities in the coming year. Making cause-related activities do not cost more & also it is very simple. Even attendees can help you more in this regard. 

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