Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fantastic Marketing policies!

Fantastic Marketing policies!

    If anyone wants to be efficient in online marketing, it is very important to understand which marketing policies will work better & which policies should be followed. Marketing trends & policies are very similar to the air travel.  While some trends & policies are ready to takeoff other trends needs more time for passengers for getting on the board. The following trends will become very prominent for online marketing in the year 2012.
  • The year 2012 will become a year for bargain hunting as the economy still trying to recover & the consumers have price checking policies in their hands. So, marketers need to attract the consumers with the indomitable deals. The marketers should seek out profits by creating repeat selling. Referrals programs also can play a big role in this regard. Marketers also should have instant value reduction policy & other incentives ideas while consumers use electronic devices like mobile phone to compare the retail price. Mobile phone pull marketing trend can be also very fruitful. It gives the consumers opportunity to interact with the marketer’s advertisement through mobile phones & pulls the consumers closer to the marketers & motivates for buying the products. Mobile phone push marketing trend is also very significant. Mobile phone push marketing trend involves sending promotional & attractive messages through voice calls or SMS to the consumers. Though this is expensive to some extent for the small scale businesses, it has a prominent impact in online marketing. Alternative to voice calls & SMS, emails are less expensive & it also can contain   large content than text messages.
  • In order to reach the prospective consumers, online local marketing can be a very successful trend for online marketing. So, the traders can try for locally-targeted advertisements in national publications. But, it is important that these advertisements should be full of locally-relevant messages. Besides this, advertisements on the tablet screen, smartphones with videos, emails & social media can be used. Advertisement on mobile phones with loyalty applications which includes various promotions also attracts the consumers.
  • In the year 2011, many companies took social marketing very sincerely & seriously & for this reason, social media became very successful as an important tool for online marketing. In the year 2012, many companies will pick up social media in their marketing plan. Traditional marketing is a touchy tool for marketing because there are many marketers who do not wish to leave traditional marketing. Real-time marketing or interactive marketing is very easy to engage & measure real-time statistics. 
  • Utilization of social media like Google Alerts or Trackur can be very effective online marketing trend. It allows observing what people actually say about the marketer’s company & products. Customer Relationship Management or CRM database can be used in order to monitor consumer’s purchasing behavior. But it is important that consumers also share valuable information about their lifestyle on different social networking sites. So, the marketer’s should have policies to monitor these social networking sites. To make the online marketing more global, the marketers should also give attention to produce some products that meet the demand of the international communities.      

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