Thursday, 15 March 2012

Innovative Marketing Tactics for 2012!

Innovative Marketing Tactics for 2012!

       Marketing tactics which succeeded in the past may not be successful in this new era of science & technology. Though the tactics stated below are not fully new, but the tactics may be the most potential & effective for the upcoming year.
  •  Text massaging 
  •   Mobile Merchandising 
  •   Video content 
  •   Triggered Emails 
  •   Rising subscriptions

Text Massaging: According to Responsys, text messaging or SMS will be the most important medium for marketing in the year 2012. Responsys believes that companies will use text massaging to discover the preferences of the shoppers. Text messaging may be an important tool to give flash offers which give the shoppers discounts for a limited time only. This technique is really very effective for the multi-channel traders. Elegant traders will try to integrate cross selling, up-selling & other merchandising to make their sites smartphone friendly in the year of 2012.

Mobile Merchandising: The companies working with various online retailers believe that mobile commerce may rise drastically in the year 2012. There are about 90 million users of smartphone & about 24 million users of tablets. At recent times, most of the online retailers & traders have optimized their websites for mobiles. Only a few online retailers lack online merchandising websites.

Video Content: Video content is one of the most important & hot marketing techniques that has been used for the last 3 years. Consumers feel very comfortable with the online videos & love to watch the videos. Videos actually prompt the products & offer entertainment. It really attracts the new consumers. It provides better information about the product. When the consumers like the video, automatically a nice relationship is created with the product. Most importantly, videos are very much feasible to share in the social networking sites.

Triggered Emails: Triggered email was a very important online marketing technique in 2011 & it is believed that it will be an important marketing technique in the year of 2012 also. Triggered email is delivered responding in the customer interactions. In the triggered emails system, for example when a well-known user gives up a product, automatically an email is sent offering the user free delivery or other motivation. Roku team which produces video streaming instruments has established a triggered email system. This system delivers emails to the new customers to refer the Roku team to their family members & friends in return of some discounts & free services. It is important to note that triggered or event derived email has created about 75% leads of the referral programs.

Rising Subscriptions: Another technique important for online marketing may be raising subscriptions. Online traders can search for subscription services in 2012. This service should not be restricted only to the magazines. It could comprise any product that one can think., Manpacks & PetFlow can be the good example of subscription services.
The reality is that in the year 2012, more & more mobile phones will enter into the market. New social networking sites may also arise. All these will create a competitive pressure. But, above stated tactics will help you to manage the pressure.  

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